Corporate Governance

(as of February 14, 2018)

III. Implementation of Measures for Shareholders and Other Stakeholders

1.Measures to Revitalize the General Shareholders’ Meeting and Facilitate the Smooth Exercise of Voting Rights

Supplementary Explanations
Early Notification of General Shareholder Meeting In order to respond to investor needs, the Company mails notifications of General Shareholders’ Meetings with more lead time than the 2 weeks stipulated by law (3 weeks this year).
Scheduling Annual General Meeting to Avoid the Peak Time In addition to fulfilling its legal requirements, the Company endeavors to finalize the agenda of the General Shareholders’ Meeting and coordinate the timing of the meeting as quickly as possible, thus enabling it to hold its meeting ahead of the peak days.
Allowing the Electronic Exercise of Voting Rights The Company accepts online voting via personal computers and mobile phones. It also participates in the Electronic Voting Platform.
Participation in Electronic Voting Platform The Company participates in the Electronic Voting Platform.
Providing Convocation Notice in English The Company provides on its website abridged English translations of the key portions of the convocation notice, General Shareholders’ Meeting reference materials, business reports, and calculation documents.
Other As of the current year, the Company posted a convocation notice on its website quickly after the Board of Directors had voted to convene the General Shareholders’ Meeting and prior to mailing convocation notices.

2.IR Activities

Supplementary Explanations
Preparation and Publication of Disclosure Policy The Company publishes its information disclosure policy on its website.
Regular Investor Briefings for Individual Investors The Company hosts an IR conference after the General Shareholders’ Meeting in order to engage in dialogue with individual investors.
The briefing is delivered by the President and Representative Director.
Regular Investor Briefings for Analysts and Institutional Investors Briefing sessions or telephone conferences are held quarterly, with the President and Representative Director providing the briefing.
Regular Investor Briefings for Overseas Investors The Company conducts overseas road shows where the President and Representative Director provide briefings.
Posting of IR Materials on Website The Company posts earnings summaries, earnings briefing materials (including the briefing by the President and Representative Director), securities filings, annual reports, General Shareholders’ Meeting convocation notices, General Shareholders’ Meeting overviews (e.g., Q&A content), voting results, etc. on its website.
Establishment of Department and/or Manager in Charge of IR The corporate planning division is responsible for IR.

3.Measures to Ensure Due Respect for Stakeholders

Supplementary Explanations
Stipulation of Internal Rules for Respecting the Position of Stakeholders The Company defines an IR policy and posts it on its website.

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