Outline of Tokyo Game Show 2011 Keynote Speech held on September 15, 2011

*This keynote was made by the president and CEO of Square Enix Holdings in his role as chairman of the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association.


As introduced, my name is Yoichi Wada.

I've prepared today's slides in English. There are many overseas visitors attending this conference, and I imagine plenty will take photographs. To ensure various people will be able to read the slides I've decided to write them in English. I don't believe it will be that much of a problem for the Japanese here.


The expansion of games industry market is indisputable. The degree to which the market is expanding can make it difficult to understand what is going on, but I believe that if we look closely we can see an undercurrent flowing through this growth.

Today I will speak about the “drivers of market growth,” those driving forces which are causing the game market to expand.

I've divided the presentation into three drivers, and will explain each.


In this slide (Figure 1), the X axis represents time, the Y axis represents market size, and via this image you can tell that since the birth of video games the market has consistently continued toward the upper right. Furthermore, there are accumulations that look like geologic stratum. You can see that it is not always true that something new replaces that which had come before it. Rather, these layers steadily accumulate. There is a tendency amongst the media to focus so much on the companies which shape today’s industry that you almost feel as though everything which came beforehand was erased. But as you can see here, that has not happened until now, and I believe it likely will not happen in the hitherto mentioned expansion.

Let's move onto the main question, then, which is why the games market is expanding, and what these drivers of growth are.

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