Outline of Tokyo Game Show 2011 Keynote Speech held on September 15, 2011

*This keynote was made by the president and CEO of Square Enix Holdings in his role as chairman of the Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association.

I've spoken quickly and nonstop so there have been parts which may not have been understood well, but I think that as this games industry grew incredibly large, it became chaotic to see what those drivers of growth were. My motivation today was to sort out and share these thoughts.

As members of the industry, we each have to develop various innovations to meet the demands of our customers. That said, I believe that if our industry as a whole recognizes the undercurrents together, we can create proper, high quality products, and that is why I took the time to speak with you about it today.

Thank you very much.

(Parts of this document have been revised since the actual presentation.)

* iMode is a Japanese mobile internet platform.

**OUBAN KAISETSU is, for example, similar to commentary in American football games, where announcers offer diagrams that simulate alternative plays a team could have made. JOUSEKI are similar to gambits in Chess, which have become widely known and studied over the course of centuries. DAN-I SHUTOKU refers to a grade obtained according to the level of one’s skills, such as a black belt in Karate.

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