CEO Interview
CEO Interview on Interim Consolidated Results for FY2007

Nov 22, 2007

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Focusing on Human Resources Development and Brand-Building
We will Focus on Human Resources Development and Brand-building

It seems that, within the group, you are also actively investing in the area of human resources development.


In order to continue our success for another 10 years after achieving our medium-term business targets, it is essential to reform our corporate culture and to develop human resources. To this end, Square Enix introduced a two-day Management Training Course last year for managerial-level staff. TAITO established a new training department last April for staff engaged in amusement facility operations. As part of a drive to increase customer satisfaction, TAITO also held an in-house contest in October on the theme of store operations, and we have been more than happy with the results. Some participants at the contest seemed emotionally quite overwhelmed.

What are your ideas for branding?


For one thing, we will only release products with which we are entirely satisfied. As a brand, quality control is foremost. We will also never weaken the brand. To avoid a dilution of the brand, we strive to maintain variety. For example, take a brand which has a current fan base of 10 million. Trying to expand this fan base to 100 million would be to over-stretch the brand and self-destruct. There is no point in diluting the brand by trying to please everybody. Titles in such franchises as FINAL FANTASY and DRAGON QUEST are all independent products with different identities. In this respect, we are always learning from the brand management methods used in, for example, Namco Bandai’s Gundam series or the works of Studio Ghibli.

What steps are you taking to create new brands?


FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST and KINGDOM HEARTS are franchises that have been created since 2000. We are currently working on new ideas and projects including CHIISANA OSAMA TO YAKUSOKU NO KUNI: FINAL FANTASY CRYSTAL CHRONICLES for Wii Ware and THE LAST REMNANT. We hope you will enjoy these in the coming year.

(Interviewer: Motoshi Isobe, Journalist)
November 19, 2007

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