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Summary of the First-Half Period Ended September 30, 2008

Nov 13, 2008

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Topics for the Second-Half of the Year and Prospects for the Full Fiscal Year
For March 2009 release: DRAGON QUEST IX: HOSHIZORA NO MAMORIBITO development on schedule

What are the main business topics for the third and fourth quarters?


Nicotto Town operated by SMILE-LAB

We received many enquiries about DRAGON QUEST® IX: HOSHIZORA NO MAMORIBITO at the Results Briefing, and I’m happy to report that the game’s development is making steady progress.
Furthermore, among the new projects we announced before the end of the second quarter, we have high expectations for SMILE-LAB’s Nicotto Town and TAITO’s NOKO GAME. Nicotto Town is an internet-based virtual world run by SMILE-LAB in conjunction with NIFTY Corporation, and as we originally planned, the number of participants is steadily increasing, especially among women. TAITO’s NOKO GAME is a new brand of arcade game machine, designed to be enjoyed from the start by any kind of player, and provided at a reasonable price to the operator. We are planning to release three different types of the machine in stages starting from next March. The development team was established this year, and they have already been able to announce three titles. We are very much looking forward to the success of the games.

What are your thoughts on the holiday sales and prospects for the full financial year?


Our business results forecast is just as we announced originally. However, things are not so easy since the recent global economic downturn has begun affecting the economy. The holiday sales depend on how much stock retailers can afford to invest. However, as the market is now expanding both in terms of customer profile and region, the mid- to long-term prospects for growth within the industry are, I believe, extremely good. Moreover, as circumstances become tougher, the value of the brand, which has been built upon longtime day-to-day efforts, will become even more important. We will therefore, more than ever, continue to create the kind of products that meet our customers’ expectations.

It seems you are aiming to increase the company’s marketing skills.


This is true of course for FINAL FANTASY® IV THE AFTER -TSUKI NO KIKAN, but it also applies to DRAGON QUEST Battleroad MOBILE, which is the mobile phone version of DRAGON QUEST Monster Battleroad. To achieve these kinds of results, we have to create products that can completely satisfy our customers’ demand for high quality products, and we have to market and communicate these products appropriately. We are hoping to enhance both the depth and the breadth of our marketing. To this end, we are pushing ahead with the recruit of new graduates together with new personnel from outside the company. We are convinced that new graduates will also become a great asset once they have worked with us over several years. Especially in the current difficult economic climate, we have a great opportunity to recruit the most able personnel.

(Interviewer: Motoshi Isobe, Journalist.)
Interview conducted on November 7, 2008

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