Speech by Yoichi Wada, Square Enix Holdings CEO, at Google’s Native Client event held on December 8, 2011


Thank you very much for inviting me to an occasion as momentous as today's announcement. I consider it a great honor to be here with all of you.

I am convinced that Google's Native Client will be welcomed worldwide as a truly innovative technology not only for the IT industry, but for the games industry as well.

Video games are capable of expressing rich experiences and are deeply loved by players around the globe. However, they are also incredibly complex applications, and until recently, playing games required specialized consoles intended for that purpose.

We in the games industry have strived to present games upon general purpose devices to bring joy to greater numbers of customers. Through the casual games and social games played in the browser, many people who had previously not played games have entered the gaming world. But browser technology limited us to offering fairly simple products.

Google's Native Client solves this problem.

We are releasing a port of Mini Ninjas as our first step with Native Client. We have prepared a demo of the game today. Please give it a try and ask our developers about their experience porting the game.

The feeling is something that is difficult to put into words. You can't tell the difference between playing on Native Client and playing on a game console. Through this porting work, we became convinced that Native Client is an excellent solution for browser gaming.

I should point out that I do not believe that games with console-level quality are superior or that such games should be played by all consumers. My point is that, given that consumers have varied tastes, we should present a wide variety of games.

All first-in-class businesses offer a wide selection of choices to consumers. With Native Client, the games industry has been able to realize this for the first time.

Furthermore, what is important about Native Client to gaming is not just that you can present a game to the same level of quality as a game console. What is critical is the fact that Chrome is, above all, a browser. The combination of browser and console quality gaming will be the impetus for social features within these games to evolve far more rapidly than had ever been possible before.

It is incredibly exciting to be able to work with Google in expanding rich game experiences around the world. Let us begin this new era together.

Native Client Event: December 8, 2011 / GoogleDevelopers’s Chennel - You Tube(Movie)

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