I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your continued support of the Square Enix Group’s content, services and products.

With the new management structure put in place in June 2013, the Square Enix Group has strongly been driving reforms of business structure and organizational structure. The reformation is indispensable for the Group to hurdle forward the Group’s position as a leader in the entertainment content industry, and we will continue to work with utmost effort toward the goal.

The environment surrounding our industry is transforming at an incredible pace. The game entertainment environment, which was limited to arcade game machines and console game devices, continues to expand rapidly, symbolized by the growth of smart devices such as smartphones and tablets, as well as the advancements of cloud-gaming technology. This transformation propels significant changes in not only game-playing styles, but also the modality of games itself. We see changes in our publication business as well; reading styles for comics and books have shifted from traditional print media to digital publications. These are critical and potentially disruptive changes because we can no longer apply and rely on our past successes and business customs. While this poses a major challenge to our Group, we also see this as an opportunity to make a big leap forward.

In order to navigate such a significant transformation, we are revisiting the original starting point of the Square Enix Group. We are a provider of entertainment content. Evolution in technological innovations, devices and platforms should never affect our core principles. We return to our original values and persevere in our day-to-day efforts to provide, under all circumstances, high-quality entertainment content with extensive worlds, rich scenarios and appealing characters, all of which are distinctive elements of the Square Enix content, to meet and exceed the expectations by our customers.

I sincerely appreciate your continuing support and patronage.

Yosuke Matsuda

President and Representative Director
Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd.

June, 2014

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