The SQUARE ENIX Group is expanding its customer base by providing derivative products that truly re-create the immersive worlds of the Group’s intellectual property.

The SQUARE ENIX Group plans, produces, distributes, and licenses derivative products such as merchandising based on the Groups’ own-IPs as well as third-party IPs. The Group provides two different categories for merchandising. “SQUARE ENIX PRODUCTS” offers sophisticated products such as exquisitely crafted figurines and accessories, while “SQEX TOYS” offers low-priced products such as stuffed toys and practical items.

“SQUARE ENIX PRODUCTS” has received high recognition throughout the world for merchandise such as the high-quality action figure series PLAY ARTS® KAI, featuring characters from the Group’s original IPs. The Group is also engaged in product merchandizing business with popular third-party IPs both inside and outside of Japan.
For “SQEX TOYS”, the “Smile Slime” series has enjoyed popularity with its stuffed toys of the Group’s characters, as well as stationery and practical items featuring DRAGON QUEST® designs. A series of pencils, BATOEN (“battle pencils”), decorated with images of characters from the DRAGON QUEST series, has sold more than 39.4 million pieces since its release in 1993. Furthermore, the latest merchandising items are sold at the official merchandising store, ARTNIA, which also has a café.

In addition, the Group creates popular, high quality video products which maximize the value of its strong internal IPs.

Related Group Companies

SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. Planning, production, distribution, and licensing of derivative products mainly related to the Groups’ original IP
SQUARE ENIX, INC. Sale of derivative products in North America
SQUARE ENIX LTD. Sale of derivative products in Europe and other PAL*1 territories

Main Products and Services

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