Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

To spread happiness across the globe by providing unforgettable experiences

This philosophy represents our company's mission and the beliefs for which we stand.

Each of our customers has his or her own definition of happiness.
Square Enix provides high-quality content, services, and products to help those customers create their own wonderful, unforgettable experiences, thereby allowing them to discover a happiness all their own.

Management Guidelines

These guidelines reflect the foundation of principles upon which our corporate philosophy stands, and serve as a standard of value for the Group and its members. We shall strive to achieve our corporate goals while closely considering the following:

1. Professionalism

We shall exhibit a high degree of professionalism, ensuring optimum results in the workplace. We shall display initiative, make continued efforts to further develop our expertise, and remain sincere and steadfast in the pursuit of our goals, while ultimately aspiring to forge a corporate culture disciplined by the pride we hold in our work.

2. Creativity and Innovation

To attain and maintain new standards of value, there are questions we must ask ourselves: Is this creative? Is this innovative?
Mediocre dedication can only result in mediocre achievements. Simply being content with the status quo can only lead to a collapse into oblivion. To prevent this from occurring and to avoid complacency, we must continue asking ourselves the aforementioned questions.

3. Harmony

Everything in the world interacts to form a massive system. Nothing can stand alone.
Everything functions with an inevitable accord to reason. It is vital to gain a proper understanding of the constantly changing tides, and to take advantage of these variations instead of struggling against them. We shall continue to work towards harmony and serve as an integral part of this ever-fluctuating system.

In order to achieve ideal performance levels, we as individuals, shall aim for a mutual respect amongst our coworkers, remain conscious of the duties assigned us, and place an emphasis on teamwork.
As a corporate organization, we shall work diligently to maintain an optimal balance culminating in the ultimate satisfaction of all our stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, counterparties, and employees.
As a business entity, we shall contemplate what functions we are to perform within the realm of industry, while acting in a manner that ensures the mutual harmony and benefit of all parties within it.
Finally, as a member of society, we shall comply with laws and regulations while fulfilling our civic obligations, including community involvement and environmental conservation.

Code of Conduct

The fully-revised “Code of Conduct” elaborates matters to be complied with by employees and executive officers of Square Enix group (the “Group”) through their duties in relation with customers for the Group’s products and services, shareholders, business partners, and the society, bearing in mind the spirit of “Corporate Philosophy” and “Management Guidelines.”

By publicizing this “Code of Conduct,” the Group wishes to pursue business operations and management putting importance on relations with the Group’s stakeholders.

1. General Principles

(1) Ethics
The Group shall offer employees and executive officers with educational and training opportunities so that they conduct fair and condor businesses with a high level of professional ethics.

(2) Compliance
The Group’s conduct of business shall be fair and lawful strictly in compliance with laws and regulations in the countries, regions and provinces where the Group is doing business, rules of the stock exchange, internal regulations, common law, and custom of trade.

(3) Diversity
The Group shall respect and foster diversities of nationality, race, religion, thought and creed, age, gender, sexual orientation, physical condition and so forth through organizational operation and human resource management. The Group shall never discriminate people by such traits.

2. Customer Relations

(1) The Best Entertainment
The Group shall make every effort to meet or even exceed customer’s expectations through creation and offering of the best entertainment content.

(2) Personal Data Protection
The Group shall collect customers’ personal data to the minimum extent necessary for provision of respective product or service, store and manage the collected personal data, and use it only for the purposes to which each customer gives prior consent.

(3) Improvement of Customer Satisfaction
The Group shall make sustained efforts to maximize customer satisfaction through content, quality and price of products and services offered to customers.

3. Shareholder/Investor Relations

(1) Enhancement of Corporate Governance
The Group shall maintain an optimal and clear allocation of decision-making power among general shareholders’ meeting, board of directors and management pursuant to laws and regulations, the Articles of Incorporation and internal rules in order to continue corporate management with a focus on shareholder satisfaction as well as effectiveness.

(2) Appropriate Accounting and Fair Disclosure
The Group shall prepare financial statements in accordance with generally-accepted accounting principles in Japan. Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) shall disclose significant managerial information including financial data timely and appropriately in accordance with regulations prescribed by the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Based on such disclosed information, the Company shall promote active dialogue with shareholders and investors.

(3) Shareholder Return
The Company shall attach weight to return to shareholders in order to reward their continuous support to the Company. The Company shall implement appropriate shareholder return such as dividend of surplus that is suitable for the Company’s managerial situation and the stock market condition.

4. Business Partner Relations

(1) Fair Trade
The Group shall apply fair trade conditions to procurement or purchase from third-party vendors based on objective criteria such as price, quality, delivery time, etc. The Group shall pay due attention to vendors’ management conditions and track record.

(2) No Bribery
Employees and executive officers of the Group shall never give nor receive any money and goods, offer nor accept excessive entertainment in relation to transaction under any circumstances. In addition, the Group shall never offer bribes to public officials in any countries and regions.

5. Employee Relations

(1) Good Working Environment
The Group shall endeavor to maintain a wholesome and comfortable working environment. The Group shall never tolerate any harassing behaviors including so-called power harassment in the workplace.

(2) Fair Assessment and Treatment
The Group has established the personnel system to promote growth and satisfaction of employees. Under the personnel system, employees are evaluated and treated in accordance with clear rule and objective appraisal standard.

(3) Whistle-blowing System
The Group has introduced the whistle-blowing system. The system provides independent and neutral contact channels for employees who are ware of any conduct against laws or internal rules (including this Code) or any other misconduct, or are subject to such wrongdoing. The system has established a rule that the whistle-blowing employee shall not be treated disadvantageously.

6. Society Relations

(1) The Group considers intellectual properties as a source of value of a content provider. In this light, the Group shall pay respect to third parties’ intellectual properties. The Group shall provide appropriate protection for its own intellectual properties in accordance with laws and contracts. The Group shall also offer reasonable incentive to employees for their creations and inventions in order to enrich own intellectual properties.

(2) Employees and executive officers of the Group shall never engage in trading of listed stocks that may fall under the category of insider trading under laws and regulations in any countries and regions. To this end, the Group shall strictly store and manage its own undisclosed significant information as well as third parties’ such information to which the Group has access through business operations.

(3) No Deal with Antisocial Forces
The Group shall never have relations with antisocial forces or any party under their influence nor enter into transaction with them. The Group shall never respond to their unwarranted demand.

(4) Contribution to Society through Sustained Growth
The Group shall strive to achieve sustainable growth of the enterprise with delivering appropriate profits. The Group wishes to make an active contribution to the stability and prosperity of the world through provision of products and services, shareholder returns, employment, tax payment, and so forth.

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