Outline of Results Briefing held on May 14, 2012

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The lineup listed is what has been announced to the public as of today.
The major factor is the change in model. It is important to focus on the types of game to develop, and it is also important to focus on how long the player is willing to play the game. Creators, being occupied by changing revenue model, cannot go farther than this point.
Out of the games listed, THEATRHYTHM has been successful in retaining a stable customer base with a high download rate. Although the total amount of PDLC is minimal considering that it is not a million unit title, such a title is very good in terms of the structure of the business model. It is important to convert this high retention into a profit.


In regards to MMO, FFXI has continuously been a success, but 2 big titles will be largely impacting this sub-segment from this fiscal year.
DQX began its beta testing with about 16,000 people, and is set for release and start of services on August 2nd.
Beta is enjoying quite a success currently.
MMO typically has an image that it is difficult to play, and it is our focus on how to promote it as a traditional DQ title, which sees high potential. If customers see it as a DQ title, it will sell as such; however, if the customer sees it as an MMO, the sales will not be as high. We believe that this is a challenge.
As for FFXIV where we launched in September of 2010, upon renovation of the game, we began the billing as of January, 2012 and is currently doing well. Initially 600 to 700 thousand units were sold, but most of the customers who entered the game have exited the game after a short period of time, and the access users have declined. Normally, a failing game will come to an end when billing starts. On the other hand, the number of paying FFXIV users has increased since. As we did not want to charge the customers unfairly by automatically charging at the start of the billing period, we made sure the users have registered once again for the charged game play. We are not disclosing the number of current paying users because would like to avoid a situation where only the difference between the current number and the one at the time of launch has wings.
Fundamental changes have been made to the new FFXIV and the game is expected to begin beta testing from October to November this year. After successful completion of the beta testing, the PS3 version and the new PC version will be concurrently released and launched for charged services.

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