Outline of Results Briefing held on May 13, 2011

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Regarding our balance sheet, the rigorous reassessment of assets, as well as a redemption of convertible bonds, resulted in total asset reduction from fiscal year 2010’s ¥271 billion yen to ¥206 billion yen. Furthermore, our content production account increased from ¥16.0 billion to ¥19.8 billion after careful examination.

The current portion of corporate bonds within current liabilities has been reduced to zero as a result of redemption of ¥37 billion worth of bonds that became due in 2010.
Non-current liabilities includes ¥35 billion worth of bonds that will become due in 2015, and using generally accepted accounting principles revised this year, we recorded asset retirement obligations of ¥0.7 billion.
Furthermore, our net assets portion has changed from this year, and our accumulated other comprehensive income now includes unrealized losses on valuation of other investment securities and foreign currency translation adjustments.
Foreign currency translation adjustments, a result of effects from investment in overseas subsidiaries, increased due to the strong yen from ¥5.0 billion to ¥7.9 billion.

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