Outline of Results Briefing held on May 13, 2011

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The first is globalization. Regarding our three established footholds in Japan, North America, and Europe, we acquired EIDOS, recruited a new head of our North American operations, and conducted organizational restructuring, all of which have been largely completed within the last one to two years.


This slide shows the distribution of content development investments between Japan and North America/Europe.
Even in development, we’re adjusting our balance of development investment from a Japan-only structure to a globalized one.
As a result of our tightened selection standard for our title lineup, from now on we’ll see an increase in the amount of green (North America/Europe) in the chart.


One of our key tasks concerning globalization is to enter emerging markets.
With our three foothold structure in Japan, North America and European now in place, we are managing business development in Asia from our Japanese foothold, while business in the Middle East and Eastern Europe is managed from our European foothold, and responsibility for developing business in Latin America from our North American foothold. While expanding the sales channel for our packaged titles, and also offering content for globally successful devices such as the iPhone, we intend to develop our businesses through closely connected communities in each region.

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