Outline of Results Briefing held on November 6, 2014

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Based on this success, we want to collaborate more with partner companies, both in and out of Japan.


This slide shows the number of units sold by region in the Digital Entertainment segment. As explained in the interim results announcement, download sales of full-length games have been increasing. We, therefore, have changed our disclosure policy: we have begun adding the number of downloads of titles released in the current and previous fiscal years, to the unit number of discs sold, which we have been disclosing in the past. With the increase in download sales, the business is becoming more long tailed compared to the past, when we were dependent on initial shipments. Taking “TOMB RAIDER,” as an example, we released the GOTY (Game Of The Year) version, the HD remaster version, and the complete version including PDLC, following the first launch of the title. By conducting sales activities not once but two or three times, revenue contribution is becoming more long tailed. If we can develop strong titles that allow us to sell in such ways, we can secure revenue opportunities on a long tail, long life basis. The ratio of download sales will continue to increase, which is favorable for us. Game streaming services are becoming more advanced, too. This will be a key feature of our future services.


This is the world map we showed you at the time of the interim results announcement, outlining in red the geographies that we have not yet been able to enter. Out of these geographies, South America has especially strong potential as a consumer market, with mobile games as well as consoles gaining momentum. Meanwhile in Russia, online games, F2P online PC games in particular, are very big. We plan to expand into these geographies aggressively.

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