Outline of Results Briefing held on May 13, 2013

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For the fiscal year ended March 2013, we recorded net sales of ¥147,981 million, operating loss of ¥6,081 million, recurring loss of ¥4,378 million, and net loss of ¥13,714 million, and these results are approximately in line with our financial forecasts disclosed on March 26. To explain the key points regarding the Income Statement on page 10 (of the English translation version; the same shall apply hereafter) of the Earnings Briefing, the ‘Provision for Allowance for Sales Returns’ for the fiscal year ended March 2013 was ¥3,927 million, which is a significant increase from the ¥1,502 million recorded for the prior fiscal year. Also, due to the large number of new game titles released, including major ones, ‘Advertising Expenses’ was ¥12,309 million, which is a sharp increase from ¥7,258 million in the prior fiscal year. As a result, operating loss, including the amounts just mentioned, was ¥6,081million.


This slide shows the breakdown by business segment. This is found on page 17 of the Earnings Briefing. The results for the Digital Entertainment business were quite severe, but the segment secured a small amount of operating profit of ¥44 million. The Amusement business segment incurred operating loss of ¥353 million, negatively affected by the sluggish sales of arcade game machines released in the first half of the fiscal year ended March 2013. The Publication business segment recorded operating income of ¥2,484 million against net sales of ¥11,086 million, which is a slight decline from the prior fiscal year, but the segment is steadily making profits. The Merchandising business segment recorded operating income of ¥667 million against net sales of ¥3,264 million, and this segment is also continuing to make stable profits. Segment adjustments for unallocated corporate operating expenses were ¥8,924 million. Under the original financial forecast, we planned to achieve the target operating income amount by the initially forecasted income from the Digital Entertainment businesses; however, due to the disappointing financial results of the business segment, as a whole, the Company incurred operating loss of ¥6,081million.

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