Outline of Results Briefing held on May 12, 2014

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For the FY2014/3, the Company recorded net sales of ¥155,023 million, operating income of ¥10,543 million, recurring income of ¥12,534 million and net income of ¥6,598 million. These results are identical to the revised Consolidated Results Forecast announced on May 9.

While our product lineup places a large emphasis on the second half of the FY2014/3, we have been successful in revising a part of our business as well as our assets since last year to push our operating income range above the forecast of ¥5 billion to ¥9 billion.


Please take a look at the business segment information on pages 19 and 20 of the Earnings Briefing. Net sales and operating income of each business segment are as follows;
The Digital Entertainment of ¥94,571 million and ¥10,709 million, the Amusement of ¥46,952 million and ¥4,517 million, the Publication of ¥10,228 million and ¥2,293 million, and the Merchandising of ¥3,786 million and ¥1,115 million, respectively.
Excluding the Elimination or Unallocated Adjustments, consolidated net sales were ¥155,023 million and operating income was ¥10,543 million. The Digital Entertainment segment is comprised of three major areas: HD games, MMOs, and games for smart devices and PC browser. The global launch of the MMO "FINAL FANTASY XIV" in August, 2013 has been a great success. The game has been highly-esteemed, and the game operation and addition of the PS4 version this April have been favorable. As for games for smart devices and PC browser, following the release in South Korea, "Kaku-San-Sei Million Arthur" was also released in mainland China and Taiwan, and became successful during the first half of the FY2014/3. "DRAGON QUEST MONSTERS SUPER LIGHT" became an instant hit during the second half of the FY2014/3 and some other games launched during this period such as "DEADMAN'S CROSS" also had a steady success. In light of the rising popularity of the native application market, the Company has been focusing more on games for smart devices, to achieve a steady and constant level of success since the latter half of the FY2014/3.

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