Outline of Results Briefing held on November 6, 2014

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The other major pillar is LIVE games. We intend to expand this pipeline going forward. LIVE games include MMO, games for smart devices, online battle games and arcade games. We are currently running three MMOs: “FINAL FANTASY XIV,” “DRAGON QUEST X,” and “FINAL FANTASY XI.” “FINAL FANTASY XI” was launched twelve years ago and still continues to evolve. As previously mentioned, we will continue to launch many new games for smart devices in the second half of FY 2015/3 and on. When I touch upon online battle games, I have e-Sports in mind. We aim to develop “NOSGOTH” and “LORD of VERMILION ARENA” as e-Sports titles. This genre is increasingly getting popular worldwide, and the Company intends to reinforce development in this area. Today, LIVE games can offer a variety of new gaming experiences, since the world of game is expanding on a range of devices and platforms connected each other via network. The Company will continue to take active measures to develop LIVE games both in our domestic and overseas studios.


This is our latest balance sheet. The area marked in yellow is the content production account, which are funds we are investing into game development. This is our future revenue source, and keeping this well-developed is the key. The current balance is ¥29.9 billion, which reflects our strategy to enrich our pipeline as previously explained.


This shows an image of composition of the content production account. The right column is our current state. Domestic studios encompass a wide variety of games, including major blockbusters titles, titles for smart devices and arcades. We are introducing some financing mechanisms for major blockbuster development in the overseas studios, which details cannot be disclosed at this point. Online titles in our overseas studios include e-Sports-type battle games and F2P games. F2P platforms other than PC include console platforms such as PSN and XBL, which the Company will be more involved in future given their sound performance. With that concludes explanations on the transformation and enhancement of our pipeline.

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