Outline of Results Briefing held on May 12, 2016

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I am Yosuke Matsuda. I will be discussing our earnings and outlook at each of our business segments. This chart tracks our content production account balance. We have for the most part solidified our development pipeline for HD games and Games for Smart Devices over the next three years, and the pipeline is a rich one. With help from these games, we expect our net sales to reach ¥250-270 billion in FY2017/3 and believe that we will be able to shoot for ¥300-400 billion approximately the following three years. We intend to keep our content production account balance to approximately 20-25% of net sales as we see that as the appropriate proportion for achieving net sales of the aforementioned scale.


I will next look at the progress made by each of our business segments.


Our FY2016/3 pipeline placed more emphasis on Western titles. RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER was initially released for Microsoft platforms. Sales have been solid, and the PC version is also off to a strong start. We look for the title to continue to contribute to earnings going forward as the PS4 version is slated for release in the 2016 holiday season. We are currently experimenting with a new business model for HITMAN, whereby we release the game in episodic installments. We also expect earnings contributions from the disc version slated for release in FY2017/3. In the Japanese game domain, we believe that DRAGON QUEST BUILDERS has succeeded at providing a new way to play a DRAGON QUEST game.

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