Outline of Results Briefing held on May 12, 2016

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Lastly is the development of emerging markets. Latin America and the Middle East have grown as consumer markets, and we intend to focus on localizing into the languages of those regions and releasing numerous titles for them. Offering solid localizations not only in English but also in languages such as Arabic and Spanish is key, and we have seen that clearly reflected in unit sales and rankings in those regions. The protagonist of JUST CAUSE 3 which we released in FY2016/3 is Mexican, so we have localized that title into Spanish and Portuguese. Doing so produced significant benefits. Hit titles are recognized by gaming fans the world over, but language localizations let them take even deeper root. As such, we intend to continue to enhance our initiatives in this area.


Please allow me to summarize what I have discussed thus far. We intend to create a cycle by which we engage in ongoing investment in big franchises, from which we will generate earnings, and to create new IP simultaneously, which we will also monetize. By doing so, we hope to achieve the medium-term target figures I discussed earlier.


Lastly, I will discuss our dividends for FY2016/3.

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