Outline of Results Briefing held on May 12, 2016

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This slide shows our FY2017/3 lineup. It includes only those titles for which we have already announced launch dates. We expect our biggest FY2017/3 title to be FINAL FANTASY XV, which has already racked up an impressive volume of pre-orders worldwide. It will be the first single-player FINAL FANTASY title that we will release simultaneously around the globe, and we intend to be fully ready for it. We also plan to release DRAGON QUEST HEROES II as the sequel to the first title, which proved so popular in FY2016/3.


I turn next to MMO, which generated extremely strong earnings in FY2016/3. Sales of expansion packs for FINAL FANTASY XIV and DRAGON QUEST X were particularly significant earnings contributors, and we believe they made a substantial contribution from an operations perspective as well. In general, without the release of additional content or other incentives, subscriber numbers and other metrics for online games decline. Since we have no expansion pack releases planned for FY2017/3, how we build excitement via our operations will be key. 2016 marks the 30th anniversary of DRAGON QUEST, and 2017 will mark the 30th anniversary for FINAL FANTASY, so we are hoping to build up excitement through a variety of commemorative events. That said, we anticipate a YoY decline in net sales in FY2017/3 due to the lack of any expansion pack releases.


A broad range of our Games for Smart Devices/PC Browsers, including those based on powerful existing IP and those based on new IP, have become fixtures at the upper end of the hit charts. Naturally, not all titles are hits, so we have consciously created a cycle by which we clear away underperforming earners to enable us to focus on new titles.

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