Investor Relations

Risk Factors

The Group identifies the items listed below as potential risk factors that could affect operating results. Forward-looking statements are in accordance with management's judgment as of June 24, 2019.

(1) Changes in the economic environment

In the event of a harsh downturn in the economy causing consumer demand to decline, consumer spending on the Group's products and services in the entertainment field may fall. Such circumstances may lead to adverse impact on the Group's business performance.

(2) The Group's ability to respond to changes in consumer preferences in the entertainment market and the rapid progress of innovative technology

It is possible that the Group's business performance will be affected if the Group is unable to respond promptly and accurately to the major changes outlined in 4. Strategic Outlook, Issues Facing Management and Future Direction in the Financial Sections of Annual Report.

(3) Changes in game platforms and the Group's response

The Group's digital entertainment business could undergo major changes in the forms by which the Group offers content and in its business model as a result of diversification, the trend toward increasingly advanced functions and the general transition of platforms for home-use video game consoles, smartphones and tablet devices. Such circumstances may lead to an adverse impact on the Group's business performance.

(4) Securing human resources to execute the Group's growth strategies concentrating on the creation of new content and the promotion of global businesses

The Group's business environment is undergoing major changes. Delays in securing human resources who are ideally suited to respond to these changes may adversely affect the Group's business performance.

(5) The Group's international business operations

Regarding the Group's international business operations, a variety of factors present in the countries and regions in which the Group operates may affect its business performance. Such factors include market trends, the political situation, economic climate, laws and regulations, social conditions, cultural factors, religious factors and customs.

(6) Information and network systems

The Group appropriately develops and manages the information and network systems necessary for its operations. However, system failures and operational errors can disrupt operations, in turn potentially, resulting in the Group incurring opportunity losses and additional expenses. In addition, the Group has developed and implemented robust preventive and defensive measures against security incidents, including cyber-attacks, infiltrations, and viruses. However, in the event that a security incident unpreventable by the above measures were to occur, operations could be disrupted and the Group could incur opportunity losses and additional expenses. The Group also suffer the leakage to third parties of trade secrets, including the personal information of the Group's customers and employees, which could likewise result in additional expenses as well as damage to the Group's credibility.

(7) Management of personal information

In keeping with the enactment of Japan's Personal Information Protection Act and, the EU's General Data Protection Regulation, the Group has established a rigorous internal system for the management of personal information and also conducts ongoing training regarding the protection of personal information, for its directors and employees. However, in the event that a security incident, as described in (6) above were to; occur, and personal information were to be leaked to third parties, the Group's business performance may be affected.

(8) Exchange rate fluctuations

The Group includes consolidated subsidiaries located in North America, Europe and Asia. The risk of foreign exchange loss has been reduced as foreign currency gained by those subsidiaries is expended for settlement or reinvestment in the applicable countries. However, sales, expenses, assets, liabilities and net assets of foreign subsidiaries are converted into Japanese yen amounts in the consolidated financial statements. Consequently, exchange rates may affect the Group's financial results if they fluctuate beyond management forecasts.

(9) Entertainment industry laws

The operation of amusement facilities is subject to government control under the Law for Proper Control of Entertainment and Amusement Businesses and other related laws and regulations. These laws and regulations include an approval and licensing system for the opening and operation of amusement facilities, regulations on business hours, age restrictions, area restrictions on outlet openings, and regulations concerning facility structures, interiors, lighting and noise. The Group operates its facilities appropriately in strict compliance with these laws and regulations. However, if laws and regulations were to be reinforced, the Group's business performance may be affected.

(10) Accidents and disasters

The Group periodically carries out accident prevention checks, facility inspections and emergency drills to minimize the impact of earthquakes and other major natural disasters, fires, blackouts, system and network failures, terrorist attacks, outbreaks of infectious diseases, and other accidents and disasters. However, should devastating accidents or disasters occur, the Group's business performance may be affected.

(11) Litigation and other claims

The Group thoroughly complies with laws and regulations and maintains full respect for third parties' rights while carrying out its operations. However, in the course of its business development in the global arena, the Group is unavoidably exposed to the risk of becoming a party to disputes. Should litigation or other legal actions be pursued against the Group, the Group's business performance could be adversely impacted despite the Group's efforts to achieve an early resolution under terms that are favorable to the Group.