Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Square Enix collaborates with our teams, our communities and our world to promote and advance sustainability initiatives.

Flexible work styles for every life stage

To help each of our employees achieve an optimal work-life balance, the Square Enix Group offers flexible work options and benefit programs to accommodate diverse work styles and life stages.
Flexible work styles for every life stage

Work-from-home program

The Group offers employees a range of work environments across our global offices, including hybrid and work from home options designed to support productivity and work-life balance.

The Group also endeavors to foster a working environment and culture where talent is able to adapt quickly to dynamic events and business conditions.

Daycare concierge service

Another example is our daycare concierge service for employees in Japan. Experts provide new parents with recommendations for childcare providers, and other resources to support their transition back to the workplace and adapt to a new stage of life.

Training program

The Square Enix Group strives to provide its employees with an environment that supports their professional development through education and training.

Training program

Development opportunities for global & leadership talent

Employees in Japan have access to a variety of opportunities for learning English to equip themselves to better communicate with our customers, business partners, and colleagues around the world.

The Group also offers support to employees seeking career-building credentials through education and reimbursement programs, and provides leadership training to cultivate the next-generation of leaders at all our locations worldwide.

Cutting-edge technology training & in-house development knowledge workshops

As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, we believe educational opportunities are imperative for creating the digital entertainment of today and tomorrow. A big part of that is providing employees with opportunities to study cutting-edge technology.

In Japan, to empower our teams to learn and enhance their expertise, we offer a variety of intensive seminars on the latest technologies and study sessions on game development, as well as online use-case sharing sessions.

Through these internal cross-functional, cross-project learning opportunities, the Group works to enhance product development efficiency and to achieve high product quality, while also striving to stimulate the sort of internal communication that tends to fall to the wayside when people are working from home.

Compliance training

To ensure that employees' actions are informed by an accurate understanding of Japan's Labor Standards Act, Copyright Act, Payment Services Act, Act against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representations, and other laws and regulations relevant to the businesses of the Square Enix Group, the Group provides compliance training primarily to managerial employees while also undertaking informational and awareness initiatives aimed at the entire employee body.

Health, Safety & Wellness

The Group promotes the importance of daily health management and active lifestyle to support employees' mental and physical health.

Health, Safety & Wellness

Enhancing occupational health & safety

To help employees in Japan work with peace of mind, the Group has established a health promotion office staffed by an occupational physician, nurse, and clinical psychologist.

Workstyle-agnostic exercise support

Whether at home or in the office, the Group provides employees at all locations with motivation to stay active. Online stretching programs, yoga classes taught by professional instructors, and walking events using pedometer apps are among the programs offered to prioritize employees' health.

Incentives for pursuing better health

In Japan, the Group offers an incentive program that allows employees to earn points when they engage in various activities aimed at bettering their health, including taking part in exercise programs, keeping track of their daily habits, and reading information promoting good health.

In the U.S., an employee resource group provides additional motivation and encouragement to members through shared progress updates, inspirational photos of outdoor activities, and monthly prizes.

Diversity, equity & inclusion

The Square Enix Group believes in the importance of fostering diverse and inclusive workplaces - across the many rich facets of the human experience, including nationality, race, religion, thought and creed, age, gender, sexual orientation, and physical condition.

All of our locations work to increase representation, and promote diversity, equity, and inclusion across such areas as recruiting, training, teambuilding, and employee activities. We are encouraged by the progress we've seen through the years in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and continue to prioritize our work in this area.

Collaboration with academia

The Square Enix Group collaborates with educational institutions to support initiatives and activities that help foster the next generation of talent.

Since 2017, our Group's game creators have provided students at the Tokyo University of the Arts' Graduate School of Film and New Media with cooperation and guidance in their creative pursuits. This initiative paved the way for the creation of the Game Course at the same graduate school in 2019. In addition, the Group's employees have led an annual eight-part lecture series entitled "Art & Information" at the university's Art Media Center. Through these lectures, our employees share their expertise in the various facets of game creation in ways that are meaningful to the students. The Tokyo University of the Arts recognizes games as a form of art and hopes to contribute to the expansion of the potential of games and the field of visual expression through its research and creative works. The Group intends to continue to cooperate with the university in this endeavor so that we can help cultivate future talent for the entertainment industry.

Collaboration with academia


Contributions to communities

The Square Enix Group has a longstanding tradition of community programs to make our world a better place, aid those in need, and support the local communities we call home.

We provide assistance to, and engage in fundraising efforts for, local, regional and national charities. Examples include donations to organizations:

  • ・Organizations supporting humanitarian aid and disaster relief efforts in times of crisis.
  • ・Organizations fighting for social equality.
  • ・Organizations addressing children's health, cancer, and food insecurity.

Together with our employees, we also give back to the local communities where we live and work, donating toys and games to pediatric care facilities; co-sponsoring local sports leagues; and volunteering in beach clean-up and meal-packing efforts.

We also create opportunities for education, inspiration, and awareness of the rich backgrounds, cultures and contributions that make up our diverse world including our workforce. Our initiatives include multiplatform campaigns, cultural spotlights (including for African American History Month, Women's History Month, Pride Month, and AAPI Heritage Month), and the work of our Pride and Women in Gaming employee resource groups.

In 2021, a collaborative effort between multiple Group locations produced an original Pride mascot, Mina, celebrating the work of LGBTQ+ employees and the greater community, and serving as a Pride month ambassador.

(Detailed examples of our disaster and humanitarian assistance efforts can be found listed by year at:


Through our environmental and social initiatives, Square Enix Group endeavors to achieve a sustainable society.

Metrics and Targets

Our quantitative metric is the amount of CO2 emitted by Japanese offices, data centers, and amusement facilities through the use of electricity. We target virtually zero emissions from offices and data centers by 2030. We aim to reduce emissions from amusement facilities by 50% by 2050.

Promoting digital downloads

The promotion of digital downloads is another way we work to protect the environment. This enables us to reduce the emissions that result from transporting physical products, conserve the resources that are used to make them.

Using recyclable materials

We also use recyclable materials in the production of our physical products and otherwise strive to operate with a minimum environmental footprint.

The Square Enix Group strives to provide customers with a safe and comfortable gameplay environment.

Ratings systems for consumer games

To provide safe, age appropriate, and comfortable game-play experiences, we label the consumer games our Group sells in regions such as Japan, North America, and Europe with age suitability and other information as dictated by the ratings systems of the applicable countries.

Operating Guidelines for mobile games in Japan

For the mobile games we provide in Japan, we comply with the "Operating Guidelines for Random Item Distribution in Network Games" established by the Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA) and indicate the odds associated with all in-game items for which users pay.

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