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Summary of the 38th Annual Shareholder's Meeting by SQUARE ENIX HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. held on June 22, 2018

Summary of the 38th Annual Shareholder's Meeting by SQUARE ENIX HOLDINGS CO.,LTD. held on June 22, 2018

Summary of Questions and Answers:

Your board will be composed of outside directors except for Messrs. Matsuda and Chida. What is your policy on executive appointment going forward?

Once the first item (partial amendments to the Articles of the Incorporation) is approved, the Company will transition to the Audit & Supervisory Committee system of governance.
In order to strengthen the monitoring function of the board, we have decided to have outside directors account for a majority of the board. We emphasize business experience and insight when nominating directors so that the board is composed of right members.

What is the intent behind introducing new elements in the PlayStation 4 version of “Dragon Quest Heroes II” and “Dragon Quest Builders” that are not included in their Nintendo Switch versions?

Since each platform has a different user base, we have offered contents that we can market to the target user.

It seems that some “Dragon Quest X” players are violating the EULA. What is the operation team’s policy on cracking down on such violations?

Our operations team monitors constantly for any EULA violations and properly addresses such issues in a timely manner. If you find a case we may have missed, please contact our customer support center so that we take the proper measures to resolve the situation.

I understand that you are licensing some of Square Enix’s intellectual properties (IP) for use in pachislot machines. What will your licensing policy be for this area going forward? Also, do you plan to enter the casino business?

We are taking a cautious approach to granting licenses for pachislot machines on a title-by-title basis, giving careful consideration to customer preferences. We have no plan to enter the casino business.

Do you plan to bolster your Amusement business by utilizing Square Enix’s popular IP?

We intend to utilize our popular IP if we see an opportunity for creating new gaming experiences rather than simply porting over our console games.

How will you go about increasing full-game download sales in Japan going forward?

We look for download sales to also become commonplace in Japan because of the greater convenience they offer users as compared to packaged products. The Group will promote download sales by updating our sales website and offering an app version of the service.

I have the impression that the Company is slow to revise its guidance.

Our guidance is heavily influenced by market conditions, including the release schedules of our competitors, on which we do not have a good view until the fiscal year-end. We therefore make a decision at the fiscal year-end as to whether we should revise our guidance.

How are you approaching e-sports?

We see e-sports as an opportunity to energize our user communities.

What is your basic approach to the appointment and promotion of female personnel?

We employ a significant number of female creators in our development studios, and many of them play a key role on various projects. We are also actively engaged in promoting diversity in forms other than gender in our employee body, and we intend to continue to hire the right talent for the right positions.