Feb 14, 2011

Square Enix Wins IP Infringement Lawsuit against French Company


Square Enix Holdings Co., Ltd. and Square Enix Co., Ltd. (collectively “Square Enix”) have prevailed in an IP infringement lawsuit filed against la société SAKURA (“SAKURA”), a Paris-based company specializing in the importation/distribution of merchandise based on Japanese-produced content. The Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris served SAKURA with an injunction against the importation/distribution of pirated products and ordered SAKURA to pay €80,000 in damages to Square Enix for the infringement of Square Enix’s FINAL FANTASY® and FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST® trademarks and FINAL FANTASY series copyrights. Commenting on the ruling, Yasuhiko Hasegawa, Square Enix's General Counsel, stated, “ In serving SAKURA with an injunction decision and awarding Square Enix a significant amount in damages, the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris has acknowledged the maliciousness of the infringement, sending a clear message that businesses dealing in counterfeit products will not be tolerated. Square Enix considers its intellectual property to be a crucial resource, and will continue to take decisive action, including the filing of both civil and criminal lawsuits, to protect this property.”

(Summary of Events)
The defendant SAKURA, trading under the name of "KONCI" at a retail location in Paris, had been engaging in the sales of counterfeit products infringing upon FINAL FANTASY and FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST trademarks and FINAL FANTASY series copyrights. The defendant also utilized an internet website to market pirated products across the EU territory. On May 28, 2009, Square Enix filed a lawsuit with the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris against SAKURA.

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