Jan 1, 2016

A New Year's Letter from President

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year.

2015 focus was on business structure transformation

 I see 2015 as the year that we succeeded at establishing a solid foundation for the businesses of the Square Enix Group.

Our Group has engaged in a transformation of our business structure from a variety of angles in order to adapt ourselves to an increasingly diverse field of business models, platforms, and content delivery methods, as well as to advances in network technologies and other changes on the entertainment content landscape.

2015 saw our Group successfully launch a number of hit titles for smart devices, which have grown into a powerful content delivery platform. Our MMO offerings have also developed into a stable earnings generator thanks to the continued support of many customers. In the HD game space, the latest technological advancements enable us to provide players with high-quality gaming experiences. I am pleased to report that new HD releases in some of our major franchises have expanded our earnings opportunities, providing the foundation for us to continue to deliver an impressive lineup in 2016 and beyond. Meanwhile, we also released new arcade game machines from our amusement business segment, which is uniquely positioned within our Group to provide players with real-life gaming experiences. 2015 also saw us launch the digital publication of manga in China and other overseas markets in collaboration with local partners. I see this as a significant development given the foundation it lays for our future.

2016 to kick off a new phase of growth

I look for 2016 to be an important year for us, marking the culmination of the work we have done to date and the start of a new phase of growth. 

We intend to make major strides toward the future by leveraging our rich product pipeline, which includes new releases from our biggest franchises. Our content development efforts will involve not only our traditional product lines, but also bold and innovative endeavors in new fields such as VR and AR.  

From a geographic perspective, we plan to serve the mainland China market not only with smart device games, but also by rolling out HD games on a significant scale. Additionally, we have proactive plans for Mexico, Brazil, the Middle East, and Russia, all of which have grown into gaming markets of a scale that demand our attention. We likewise intend to take an aggressive approach to the markets of India and the South Asian region in general given their major growth potential.

Providing our customers with unparalleled entertainment experiences

The entertainment content industry remains at the center of a maelstrom of change. Regardless of this or any other factors in our external environment, the Square Enix Group will continue to enable our creators exert their unique talents to the fullest in order to provide our customers with unparalleled entertainment experiences. In so doing, we hope to meet the expectations of our customers, shareholders, and other stakeholders and to further develop as a leading entertainment content provider.

We look forward to your continued support toward that end in 2016.

Yosuke Matsuda
President and Representative Director,