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Outline of Briefing Session for Revisions to Consolidated Results Forecasts held on March 26, 2013

Outline of Briefing Session for Revisions to Consolidated Results Forecasts held on March 26, 2013
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Now, I would like to turn over the mic to Matsuda for a few words.

“Thank you, I am Yosuke Matsuda. Provided that it will be approved at the Shareholder’s Meeting in June, I will be handed over the immensely significant role of President of Square Enix Holdings from Wada. Upon taking the Presidency, I intend to perform a fundamental and zero-base review of all businesses, operations, and assets across the group. In the light of extreme changes in the industry, we must dig in deep on what really works and what doesn’t, invest a good amount of resources in areas we decide to strengthen, and thoroughly constrain the areas that we don’t see working for us. Details and plans are now being hammered out, which should be ready in time for the FY2013 results briefings. In the meantime, I appreciate your continuing patience and support. Thank you.”

As Matsuda mentioned, information on new board members, business plans and specific budget and forecast will be put together and announced at the FY2013 results briefing session.

I, personally, would have liked to wait and hand over the firm when it is at its best, however the huge loss was like a voice from the heavens telling me it’s time to move on. After given much thought, I have judged that it would be best to support the company in other ways as I hand over my roles and responsibilities. For this reason, I have decided to step down.

In terms of turning around the business, I believe Matsuda is the most eligible candidate. Matsuda is not new to the board; he has long been our CFO and has always looked at our business from a different angle than I, who looked after all aspects of the business. I strongly believe and have high hopes that Matsuda will carry out fundamental and drastic reforms in the organization. In addition, I highly value his tough-mindedness, his ability to persist in a logical manner and make sound decisions.