Investor Relations

To Our Stakeholders

Originally published in the Group' s 2023 Annual Report.

Thank you for your continued support of the Square Enix Group.

On becoming president

My name is Takashi Kiryu. I recently assumed the offices of President and Representative Director. The value of the Square Enix Group lies in its ability to create and deliver high-quality content, services, and products that form lifelong memories for our customers, thereby helping them discover a happiness all their own.
I know this because Square Enix content has given me memories that have enriched my own life dating back to my early childhood. However, I would know this to be true even without my own personal formative experiences because so many customers have shared the same sentiment with me since I took office.
These memories would not be possible if not for the individuality and creativity of each and every one of our employees. My mission is to ensure the sustained growth of our Group by providing our employees with a space that enables them to display these attributes to their fullest measure and by creating an environment in which they can continue to produce attractive content, services, and products.