Investor Relations

To Our Stakeholders

Governance and shareholder return

Outside directors account for 70% of our board. We are working to achieve transparent corporate management by maintaining a board that combines oversight from an external perspective with execution from an internal perspective in a well-balanced manner. Moreover, regardless of their genders or nationalities, our outside directors possess a wealth of achievements and experiences in a diversity of domains, including corporate management, the law, finance, technology, and art/media. As such, they provide us assessments and advice on our management efforts from a wide range of angles. On the question of shareholder return, we will continue to target a consolidated dividend payout ratio of 30%, while also working to respond to the expectations of our shareholders by striking the optimal balance between growth investment and shareholder return.


The needs of customers who enjoy digital entertainment change with each passing day. In keeping with that, tremendous changes are underway in the industry surrounding us. However, as devices become increasingly sophisticated, the excitement that customers want from their digital entertainment is not necessarily something that only greater sophistication can provide. I believe that precisely because technology is advancing so rapidly, the true essence of excitement is all the more important in today’s world. Refining our strengths so that we can distill that essence into content and put it into the hands of as many customers around the world as possible. Maximizing the value of our customers’ experience through these efforts. This is what in my view will enable the maximization of the value of our Group’s IP and content and ultimately the maximization of our corporate value.

The year 2023 marks the milestone 20th anniversary of the merger of ENIX CORPORATION and SQUARE CO., LTD. We will strive for further growth so that we will be able to provide more customers around the world with wonderful memories over the next 10 years, the next 20 years, and beyond. I look forward to your understanding and continued support.

Takashi Kiryu

Takashi Kiryu

President and Representative Director