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Outline of Results Briefing by SQUARE ENIX HOLDINGS held on November 6, 2013

Outline of Results Briefing by SQUARE ENIX HOLDINGS held on November 6, 2013

This graph shows historical sales and breakdown of the Digital Entertainment segment.

In the first half of this fiscal year, software sales of "FFXIV" and software sales of the PC version of "DRAGON QUEST X" are included in the MMOs. We expect subscription fees for "FFXIV" to make a significant contribution during the second half of this fiscal year.


This slide shows the current progress of "FFXIV." The game was released on August 27, and has been maintaining a high level of sales since then.
Immediately after the launch, the game overheated in popularity, and we unfortunately had to implement restrictions such as limiting access to game servers and discontinuing online purchases of the game. However, the service is running much more smoothly now.
A total of 1.45 million units have been sold as of the end of September, and the number of paying users has already exceeded 600,000.
“FFXIV” has reached a level far beyond "FFXI" with 550,000 paying users at its peak.
We are working on adding and improving various content and services to increase this number even further.
I expect such efforts will make a large contribution to our earnings during this year, and beyond.


As I just mentioned, factors such as favorable software sales of "FFXIV," the significantly improved performance of the Amusement business, and overall cost control efforts, resulted in an improvement in our performance exceeding our initial plan.
During the second half of this fiscal year, various titles from both inside and outside Japan will be released as new endeavors along with major titles for conventional game consoles.