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Outline of Results Briefing held on May 12, 2023

Outline of Results Briefing held on May 12, 2023

FY2023/3 Financial Results Briefing Session Q&A

Date/Time: May 12, 2023 (Fri); 6:30-7:30 pm (JST)
Main Speaker: Takashi Kiryu, Director and Chief Strategy Officer


Q: Could you give us an idea of the scale of cost increases you expect within your consolidated FY2024/3 financial forecasts?

A: We anticipate increases in personnel costs across our global organization, but I will refrain from commenting in quantitative terms.

Q: You cite margin improvement as one of your medium-term earnings targets. Do you have a specific performance indicator for that?

A: We aim to achieve a margin of around 15%.

Q: Several major HD game title releases are expected in FY2024/3. Could you update us on the current status of those?

A: “FINAL FANTASY XVI” is scheduled for release on June 22, 2023, and there is no change in status on the release of “FINAL FANTASY VII REBIRTH,” which is slated for next winter.

Q: What do you believe the issues are in your HD Game sub-segment?

A: We see the issue as one of insufficient selection and concentration, as well as of our resources—especially the Group’s development resources—being spread too thin. We believe the key to resolving the issue is to concentrate our resources on major projects. One example of us integrating our resources is the merger of Luminous Productions into Square Enix Co., Ltd.

Q: When do you expect a positive impact on earnings from your efforts to strengthen your in-house development function?

A: We recognize the risk of our structural overhaul affecting the quality and release timing of titles under development, so it is difficult to expect the earnings benefits to materialize in the short term. We therefore think it will take some time before earnings are positively impacted.

Q: Your Financial Results Briefing presentation materials include a plan to “create a pipeline enabling regular launches of major titles.” Does this mean that the launch cycle for major titles will be shorter than before?

A: We intend to shorten our content launch cycle by establishing a framework that allows us to launch new titles at a steady pace. That includes not only promising releases from major existing franchises, but also multiple other major titles, which we will continue to nurture.